Website Design

Website Design

A truly great business website, engages and captivates your target audience in one or more distinct ways.

It’s truly awesome if it

  • speaks to their hearts and their minds;
  • has a convenient navigation flow;
  • conveys the right details, the right way;
  • is obvious about everything, no guessing;
  • drives each visitor to a desired action;
  • can turn visitors into buyers;

How we do this?

A lot of very hard work goes into your website. From deciding the OS for the webserver and the CMS for managing the website to your visual framework (GUI), to any needed custom software and code. After these, we think about everything from visual design and navigation to image crunching, legal pages, sales funnels, and gamification.

But that’s why your here right? You are looking for a company you can trust, to develop or remodel a website. If so, JingleSPOT would be pleased to accept the challenge to build the perfect website for your business.

Following, you will see our great website design plans.


GoBIZ • 101

GoBIZ • 101 This design plan focuses on building a custom website, that will deliver the perfect first impression your business deserves. Website development is a process, where many elements must work well in concert. A lot of very hard work goes into your website. From visual design and ideal navigation, to image crunching, the right legal pages, sales funnels More Info »
Price: from $549$399
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GoSHOP • 201

GoSHOP • 201 Designed to make your products and services easy to sell online. Our GoSHOP website plans include a full featured online store, integrated with your included GoBIZ website. Enjoy all the marketing and advertising power of our GoBIZ series. While serving your products and services globally for completely unattended instant sales. We also completely integrate your online store More Info »
Price: from $849$699
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