Web Care

Web Care

Need Web Care?

Let’s start with who’s making sure your website is operating correctly?

Now some tougher questions…

Who’s responsible for your:

Analytics  • Disaster Recovery • Backups • Traffic Monitoring • FTP Access • Google Compliance • Security • Upgrades • Payment-Processing & PCI Compliance • Password Control • Malware & Virus Scanning;

These and much more, are things that a Business Class Webmaster can do for you.

Please take a look at our Web Care Plans below. They’re  not just affordable, this is the best insurance against recovery costs and lost sales due to website failure or disaster.

WebCare • Basic

Today, your business depends on having an updated and properly working website. Websites are more complex today and growing security issue require ongoing maintenance. More Info »
Price: from $97
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WebCare • Pro

Ecommerce ready, our WebCare PRO PLAN is designed to support SSL install and configuration, as well as helping you keep your online store PCI compliant, required when you accept credit cards for online payments. Plus, we guarantee your store and website will be back online in 6 hours, More Info »
Price: from $129
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WebCare • Gold

Designed specifically for companies with active stores making sales online every week. Ecommerce ready, our WebCare GOLD PLAN comes with complete SSL install and configuration, online store PCI compliance, so you can accept credit cards. More Info »
Price: from $329
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WebCare • Ruby

Designed to support daily online sales activity with 24 hr Uptime Monitoring and a Guaranteed 1hr disaster recovery, our WebCare RUBY PLAN is Ecommerce ready, includes SSL install/config, PCI compliance, Go RUBY when online sales are too important to miss even one. More Info »
Price: from $389
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