TNT Networks

Why a TNT Network?

A “Targeted Niche Traffic” Network (ie; TNT), is a real-time 2020, Web 2.0 version of the original 1890’s “Press Wire” concept. Specially adapted to the structure of the Internet, and designed to mimic natural “Brand Development” as a process.

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Aside from the tech jargon, TNT Networks are your own “Broadcasting System”, custom-designed to promote to a very tightly-defined “niche”.

Functionality can be compared to a typical multi-media publication, such as Newsweek, Time Magazine, USA Today, iHeart Radio, etc.

Until you arrived here, you probably found that CPC was the most reliable way to ensure you get the exact number of Targeted Profiles you want to your Squeeze Page.

There is another way

The reason you pay various “medias” for CPC (ie; USA Today, or iHeart Radio, Google), is because they “Planted a Tree” which bears “Fruit”, ie; the traffic you pay them CPC to send your way.

Now, of course, they actually have a variety of traffic because they serve a variety of “niche” interest groups with their publications. Which is fine for them, they can sell to you what you need and the rest to others that need it.


Let us “Plant-a-Tree” for you

With your very own “Tree” you will have an “Evergreen” supply of “Buyer Traffic” specifically generated, and sent specifically to your money page.

You name the target URL, and your custom-built TnT Network will deliver the “Buyers”. People specifically interested in what you want to sell them.

Why Planting a Tree is Better

When you choose this path, your goal and our goal is to replace the need to continue buying CPC traffic. Once you have your own “Tree” you have your own “Fruit” (i.e. “Buyer Traffic”), that is the simple goal, and the simple result.

Note: This does NOT mean that you will not pay for advertising. This, like a fruit tree, will require ongoing maintenance or it will wither and die over time. The point of owning the “tree” or your own TnT Network, is the “result”;

(1) a lower marketing cost;

(2) a higher quality result;

ie; “The fruit from your own tree is always cheaper and better”.

This service has a single goal… “Plant an Evergreen Tree” that delivers a steady One Million+ monthly buyer traffic to the target money website.

So, the next obvious question is, will you have a TNT Network built for just “one niche”, or will you “Plant a Tree” for many niches?


How Many Visitors are in Your Dream?

This service has a single goal… “Plant an Evergreen Tree” that delivers steady monthly buyer traffic. Now we visioned this service with the idea of building a One Million+ monthly buyer traffic. So, while you can drive all that traffic to one page, it is often more realistic to drive One Million+ traffic to a collection of pages. In particular, if you have an e-commerce store or sell otherwise more than one product.

So in a simple formula, we will drive 1000 visitors daily to one page. So 30,000 visitors a month to a single target page. Now it will take 34 of these pages to bring a total One Million+ monthly buyer traffic. You can, therefore, do from 1-34 pages depending on the amount of traffic you wish to create.

Depending on the niche and the amount of traffic you want, the implementation for this will involve from 50-250 contractors, to produce 50,000 to one million words of unique high-quality “content”, 75-1,500 videos in various sizes, shapes for laptops to smartphones, 100-10,000 memes, display ads, banners, hero banners, mobile banners, and much more.


It’s a Second Business

This is a combination of deep marketing your core business, and creating an online niche-specific multi-media publication. So that if your selling dresses, then you are featuring the latest fashion, criticizing, and promoting your dresses alongside celebrity dress pictures, fashion news, etc.

Important: This amounts to starting a second business, ie; a sort of “Glamor Magazine”, “Gear Magazine”, or a “Muscle Mag”, etc.

In short, the business of delivering desirable and valuable content to the exact niche you wanted to sell to. The gain over CPC is that you’re in control of your own destiny, no longer paying ransom to Google for your visitor traffic.

Every dollar you invest is to build your future.

At the mid-point of growing this custom network, you are also able to sell non-competing display ads and articles to other advertisers, which in turn brings the possibility of breakeven, or can in effect amount to FREE advertising for your product, paid by other advertisers.

This is not “Rocket Science” and you can do this yourself.


Following is our Step-by-Step process for planting and caring for your TNT Network (“the Tree”).

  1. Persona: We clearly define the PERSONA(s) (target customer profiles) that are the most likely “BUYERS”.
  2. Target Marketing: We investigate the best ways to reach these TARGETS. (which social, what topics, trends, etc.)
  3. Keywords: We research KEYWORDS and QUESTIONS to find the TRIGGERS to use when we create content.
  4. Strategy: We develop a strategy to build a presence in the pathways your target customers follow daily.
  5. Content Creation: Create content, articles, posts, videos, images, infographics, checklists, guides, etc. We also focus the content, if they like something, we know and use that.
  6. Content Spin: We spin from 6-20 versions of core content we created, so we can post all original Material at Web 2.0 accounts. We also manually verify all spun content, we make sure it is still a good read.
  7. Schedule Posts: Set a schedule for “manual” account creation, as we do not use robots for this, and each account with each Web 2,0 is carefully created and populated in a natural way, with original content.
  8. Baby-Steps: Next, simply take the baby-steps to the goal. This is NOT a race, it is a process that “must” look completely natural to Google.
  9. API Automation: API integrations are set, and automation carefully applied.
  10. Work Report: All work is reported.
  11. Accounts: All accounts and credentials delivered.
  12. Maintenance: All maintenance instructions delivered.
  13. User Dashboard: For your convenience, we also set up and deliver User Dashboard access. This simplifies the ongoing management of your TnT Network.


Why this Formula?

You are here because your primary business is to sell something. The problem is, people do not want to be sold. They want to be familiar, get comfortable, see it around, etc. The buy is a special twist that you must master. But this, this is something very different,


In this case, your giving value, and asking nothing in return. If your selling dresses, then you’re giving free fashion advice, you’re showing them what’s popular, what is not, you showing them how and where to enjoy dresses, how to have fun with dresses, “not just yours”, you perhaps go with the “girls just want to have fun theme, or mommy is still a knockout”.

You are exploiting every concept of dress related fashion, and when your dress does show in a display ad next to a feature article about some current celebrity. The association does not go unnoticed by the subconscious of the prospects reading or watching or listening to your publications.

Again, none of this is rocket science, this is exactly what you are paying for now. To put your ads next to something that your target prospects already look at. Make that free, give them value, post frequently, post and develop deep branding in this fashion.


Details and Pricing

If you are on a budget, struggling to pay for monthly advertising, or if your looking for a quick fix then this is probably not a good fit for you. In these cases, you will be better to pay Google to send traffic within your budget.

If your already making money and you have already developed a converting landing page and you just need the visitor traffic to make more money by spending less on advertising and generating higher quality leads that also convert better, then this is exactly what you’re looking for. An end to paying ransom for traffic from Google.

Once you have reviewed all the information on this page and you are ready to move forward, that’s the time to contact your JingleSPOT agent and talk about planting a “TNT Evergreen Tree” for your company.


The Price of Success

Everything has a price, and this is about investing in a future where you generate rather than buying your website traffic. Like the media you buy traffic from today, you will be planting your own tree, and attracting the exact traffic you need to sell your products and services.

So the cost of planting and nurturing your Traffic Tree will be affected by the competition for the selected niche. For example, the competition for advertising cars for sale is less than for selling real estate, in part because the cost of the items being sold is much higher.

Regardless of the reasons for the competition, the more competition for a niche the harder it is to break into that niche. Perhaps the most obvious way to understand this is to look at the cost of CPC advertising for a variety of industries.

You “must” compare your TNT Network to a CPC cost for the same type of traffic. Using Google as a guide, Wordstream offers us a peek at the cost of “Display Network” CPC for “Google Adwords”. Because your TNT Network will also display your marketing messages on other websites, similar to the Google “Display Network”.

The following results from the Wordstream research show us that Technology is an average of 20 cents per visitor, where Real Estate is the highest at 88 cents per visitor:

It’s easy to see that the cost to plant a tree for Real Estate will cost more than for Travel. The competition is higher and so more diverse and deeper infiltration of the web will be required to beat the competition and earn your share of the niche.

Using this as our basis, if you wanted a million visitors per month (pm) you will pay 88 cents X 1,000,000 or $880,000 for Google to send your requested traffic whether for a year or for a month. For simple pricing, we have chosen to use a 30,000 monthly visitor count to a single page as a base point. So if you wanted a million visitors monthly, you will need a total of 34 pages at 30,000 visitors monthly each.


TNT Pricing 

As you can see in the table below, we charge nearly the same price you will pay Google for one year of visitor traffic, at 30,000 monthly visitors or a total of 360,000 visitors per page per year.

However, here we are planting a tree for you, that will bear the fruit year after year if you simply maintain it properly. Maintenance requires that you continue to post relevant materials on a weekly basis to the web 2.0 properties we set up for you.

To make the maintenance as easy as possible, we will have already set up API interfacing for “Safe Auto-posting” where possible. As a part of this package, we will be setting up a new blog on your primary domain.

All API configuration will be located on this new blog and for some of the auto-posting you will simply post a new article with images to this blog, and they will be auto-published to the API connected Web 2.0 properties.

NOTE: API automation is NOT yet possible for every Web 2.0 property. Some will require more hands-on maintenance.


Case Studies

Inquiring minds will ask about case studies and other foundations for this strategy.

To be honest, that’s the very point. This “formula” is completely based on a combination of Internet experience started with the building of three of the very first websites in 1993, and the detailed study, and careful breakdown of countless strategies, formulas, and case studies since that time.

The truth, anyone can do this, the information is publicly available.

We found so many secrets, we created a special website just to keep track, you can use it now, and you can also see the following “Case Studies”, a small snippet of our base collection.

Howpedia SEO Guide


To start, we asked the following “Questions”, then, we simply found “All” the “Answers”:


If we all want Google to send us millions of visitors.

If we assume it’s a “Battle to be the Best”

  • What makes you distinctive or SPECIAL enough to SHARE?
  • Why do you DESERVE to rank at the TOP of page one?
  • What will you give your visitor for a CLICK?
  • What will make visitors CLICK TWICE, so they don’t bounce?
  • Why will they BUY? Name 5 REASONS, be honest and objective.
  • How will Google KNOW you’re the BEST?

Again, more secrets at: Howpedia


Build relationships with relevant influencers and authorities in the industry.

Increase authoritative backlinks, create branded content; including infographics, articles, etc.

Don’t skip basic on-page SEO and go straight backlinks and other aggressive tactics. Build foundations first.

Publish guest posts on authority sites in your niche.


Yelling or Convenience, 9 Buy Now Buttons on the same page, brings 13,000% more sales.

Case Studies

Industry and situation case studies can land you LOTS of backlinks.


  • Assign to unique pages
  • Include Meta descriptions
  • Link similar/deeper content
  • Use all Title Tags H1, H2, H3

Long-form content is a successful conversion design.

SE’s give higher rank to websites with in-depth information.

When your content gives searchers what they want, Google gives rank.

Each page must have unique, indexed URLs, so each page gains for relevant SERP’s.

Google sees content as king, so build-out any thin content pages. This signals SE’s that your updating and refreshing content, a ranking signal.

Dated Posts

The best practice: update frequently and always show the last updated instead of the published date.


Want a million+ visitors? Publish 20 posts the first week. Publish (4) day-1, (4) day-2, (2) day-3, (1) day-5, (3) day-6, (2) day-7, (4) day-8, now keep rolling.

Keywords + Focus

Carefully verify the chosen keywords. Build original, high-quality, focused content.

Own the niche, be No #1 with the best answers to who, what, when, where, why, and how for the niche.

Keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore. Use keywords strategically.

Negative keywords are words that prohibit your ads showing in PPC marketing.

Landing Pages

Build landing pages with content that targets industry keywords.

Loyalty + Trust

Put effort into researching content, curating posts to be representative solutions.

Product Versatility

Additional products and categories, more buying options, equals more sales.


Top companies use REVIEWS to guide improvements and drive financial results.

75,000 Reviews in total on Google, Trip Advisor, Open Table, Facebook, and Zomato.

Social Media

a stellar job following up with and recognizing everyone who sends mentions/praises.

Use an online community where your audience hangs out, like Reddit.


Curate content from many reputable sources, provide unique and grounded opinions to get free, and useful content out the door quickly.

Watch what posts gain traction, stay agile, let target audience demands drive your editorial calendar.


The nature of your video: Try Pure Entertainment, ie; Relate-able real-life scenarios – with scattered hints of promotion.

  • Backlinks, High DA
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Storm


Do a complete in-depth on-page technical SEO audit and optimize on a monthly basis.

Visually remarkable and organizationally simple and useful design increases sales.


The case studies in the section produced more than a “Million” visitors to to the websites involved.


Niche websites make excellent case studies… they involve SEO, content, link building, etc. They put a variety of marketing skills to the task.


Outreach is part of many case studies… it’s almost required, so get in the groove.


Perhaps these studies will reveal why businesses are all on social media?


Twitter is actually one of the highest traffic sources. Noteworthy the introduction of images, and leadboxes.