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In 2006 three young American dudes had a day-long brainstorming session and came up with the idea for Twitter. The reason they called it Twitter was because it means a short burst of inconsequential information and chirps from birds.

Today Twitter is booming. 140 million people send approximately 340 million tweets per day.


Tweets Can Be Indispensible

The fact is if you don’t Tweet then you are missing out on one of the fastest-growing social network platforms for your business.

Offer an Irresistible Deal

Everybody loves a great deal. When one pops up on their Twitter feed, it can build excitement and generate buzz.

Here are some other tactics companies use:

Promotions: Offer Twitter-specific discount codes.

Contests: Contests and genuinely good deals DO get re-tweeted.

Another good tip: If you offer a deal, post it a number of times.

Why Your Business Should Use Twitter

  • It’s Easy To Locate
  • You post your followers respond
  • It’s simple and direct
  • Engage your customers
  • People tweet products, brands, etc.
  • Build Your Brand
  • Tweets help define your business

It’s Great For Networking

It is well known that people have landed new jobs and contracts with contacts they met through Twitter. As a small business owner, Twitter can help you manage your contacts to uncover new opportunities for growth.

Engage With Journalists and PR People

Twitter is home to thousands of journalists, media workers, and PR people. If you look at practically every major online news site you will come across at least one story taken from Twitter.


Solve Customer Service Issues

Every business, no matter how big or popular has customer service issues.  A customer with a negative experience may head to Twitter to release their fury and tell the world.

Tell People Your Latest News

Twitter is a fantastic way to broadcast the latest news about your company.

For example, if you are opening a new location, a series of tweets is a cost-effective way to provide that information.

Provide Product Information

If you are about to launch a brand new product or service Twitter is a great tool for getting the word out to the masses.

A good tweet can build up a buzz and get lots of interest as people start up conversations.


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