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Get the biggest bang for your dollar, with your own Affiliate Marketing Program.

Unlike an in-house sales staff you do not have to hire, train, motivate, manage or even know their names.

Every day, your team will hit the street…
driving sales to your door..!


Business Marketing is Complicated and Expensive…


Effective marketing is a full time job for any business.

Yet it is the life blood of any company.

Without it…
you may as well just close the doors and take a vacation.

But marketing today means a mountain of work, to cover thousands of important and effective ways to market your products and services to your target audience. Plus, you need to track, analyze and follow up to turn prospects into customers.

It is estimated that to successfully promote any product or service today, you should have a marketing and advertising budget in excess of $250,000 just to buy enough exposure to make your brand known, and stand with or above your competition.

In short, get out of the game…
unless you have a marketing plan that will produce results for less.


The Solution: Affiliate Marketing

AffiliatesAffiliate Marketing is vastly different than other strategies and offers a powerful and cost effective solution for companies with little or no marketing budget.

In this case, your Affiliates spend their time and their own money to promote and sell your products and services.

Once your program is operational, your ready to attract hundreds and even thousands of Affiliates who will employ a myriad of marketing tools and techniques to drive sales to your door, all without you spending a dime of your money on advertising for these sales.

Instead… you will pay ONLY when they bring you verified sales, that specifically match terms you set.

Simply put… the most effective alternative to a high dollar marketing budget, just let your Affiliates market for you.

Learn more: The 51 Point Affiliate Program Setup Checklist

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The Affiliate Machine is based on a Cost Per Action (CPA), or performance-based modelYou pay ONLY when a specific action is completed (example: a hotel booking, an app download, a form submission, a purchase, a coupon is used, etc.). This is the main reason why affiliate marketing achieves an incredible ROI – it’s low risk, high return at its core.

Affiliate Marketing StatisticsClick the image above to learn more

With your own Affiliate Program, you can cheaply engage others to market for you… employing a vast collection of powerful marketing strategies, including most social networks, search marketing, targeted advertising, video sharing sites (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.), PPC, CPC, and other top marketing automation systems, all without touching your own marketing budget.

More important… without demanding a paycheck.

They ONLY get paid.. when they deliver sales to your door, not a minute sooner.

Affiliates, can replace an entire sales staff with people that are more dedicated, drink less of your coffee, and never demand a vacation or health benefits.

Imagine a sales force of thousands, all motivated to produce sales. That’s their business, selling for your business.

How Affiliates Work

Understanding the Affiliate’s View Point

To better understand how things work for your Affiliates, see the following articles:

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The Affiliate Machine

Affiliate Marketing is a well established industry that predates — the Internet. The concept of paying commission for referred business—with respect to mainstream e-commerce happened in November 1994, nearly four years after the origination of the World Wide Web.

To make this marketing strategy work for your business you must first have an ‘Official Affiliate Marketing Program”, complete with collateral advertising materials and a collection of sales tools to help your affiliates succeed.

Do this part right… and affiliates will race to your door and willingly agree to spend their time and money to bring you sales.

But, creating, implementing and managing an affiliate program is a ton of real work, and requires substantial investment.

The starting point for a great affiliate program is the ‘collateral marketing materials’ sometimes called creatives. This ranges from display ads and format emails to complete sales funnels all of which are scientifically designed to attract customers and close sales.

This is important because:

Successful and new Affiliates alike, do not have the time, or in many cases the expertise, to create these important marketing materials and tools.

Also, it’s safer to provide your marketing materials and tools that are ‘pre-approved’ for legal, ethical and other sound business reasons.

When considering which programs to invest time and money promoting, successful affiliates take the entire program into account. Commission rates, Conversion rates, Collateral marketing materials, Sales tools (display ads, email formats, PPC ads, Marketing Content (articles), Product deliverability and availability, and much more.

You can learn more about the power of Affiliate Marketing from some of the industries most advanced and successful platforms.

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Click a Logo to learn more

These companies are happy to help you connect with an army of Affiliates today.

But they will not build, implement or manage your Affiliate program, you must come to them ready to play.

This is where we can help you the most, by making sure you’re ready to get in the game.

Affiliate Marketing Overview


Let Us Demystify the Affiliate Puzzle

The primary fuel for your program… is a network of  value added affiliates; ready, willing and able to drive quality traffic to your offers. Recruiting affiliates is not as easy as just a competitive payout. It is in fact, a serious investment of time and money to setup a successful program, that includes:

Marketing Solutions

  • Structuring Your Commission Plans;
  • Developing collateral marketing materials;
  • Categorizing and prioritizing prospective affiliates;
  • Identifying high potential prospective affiliates;
  • Creating an effective affiliate message;
  • The Initial Affiliate Outreach;
  • Interactive Affiliate Follow Up Process;


We Put the Pieces Together…

We begin with a full evaluation of your product or service from a marketing point of view. We then setup your Affiliate Program, your collateral marketing materials, etc.

From A-Z, we setup, manage your Affiliate army to generate sales for your product or service.

Our priorities are:

  1. Developing comprehensive profile(s) of the target buyer(s);
  2. Research your competition to find weaknesses and develop marketing points;
  3. Develop your creatives, ie; display and collateral marketing materials designed to attract the target buyer profile(s);
  4. Develop a collection of effective target marketing keywords and phrases;
  5. Develop slogans, catch phrases, benefits and feature lists;
  6. Establish your Affiliate Commissions and Incentive Plans;
  7. Setup your Affiliate contract, instructions, recommended strategies, FAQs, do’s and don’ts, etc.;
  8. Setup your Affiliate Membership Website, with Creatives Access;
  9. Setup your Advertiser accounts on all leading Affiliate Networks including Commission Junction, Clickbank, etc.
  10. Recruit your Affiliate Army;
  11. Manage your Affiliate program.

see: The 51 Point Affiliate Program Setup Checklist


Marketing Strategy

Creatives and Tools We Develop to Launch Your Program

Banners, Display ads, Email Formats, Animated Gifs, Videos, Articles, Press Releases, Flyers, Brochures, Infographics (where applicable), etc.

We also build landing pages, and complete sales funnels to drive sales for you and your Affiliates.

About Advertiser Accounts

This is where we connect ready to rock affiliates with your program. These powerful platforms have millions of ready and able affiliates, waiting to promote your products and services.

Program Management

Once your marketing automation platform is online and ready, with affiliates are coming on board and marketing for you. We manage your program, making sure all the parts are moving in the right direction.

Even more important, with multiple Affiliate Networks, and potentially thousands of affiliates… we provide the support needed when they have questions, and we police their activities for you (ie; we enforce your Affiliate Terms & Conditions). So you can focus on your business.


What it Costs…

As you can see it’s a puzzle with many moving parts. It’s an investment in collateral marketing materials and an investment of time to recruit and manage your Affiliates.

You have two options with how to proceed…

  1. Flat Fee:
    Pay a flat fee for our services, we’ll put the pieces together for you and you can handle the ongoing management. When you choose this plan, you can decide the intensity of the program materials. A basic program with minimum development of creatives, etc. starts at just $7,650 and a full blown top notch program setup will cost you $25,000
  2. Our Exclusive Co-Op Plan:
    We will build, implement and manage your Affiliate Program on a co-op basis. You will pay a Co-Op setup fee of just $999 and we will build a full blown top notch program as your Co-Op Partner. Once implemented we will earn an ongoing 5% Base commission*, a 5% Management fee* on all sales via the program, and a 20% Investment Recovery Fee, due on first program sales until our investment in your Affiliate Program is recovered.
Co-Op Plan Details / Fees


Our Co-Op Plan is available for selected products and services. Naturally, we reserve the right to decline any product or service for this program. But if your product or service qualifies, we will be committed to your success for the long haul. It’s our best offer and unique in the industry, no other company will make you this offer.

With our Co-Op Plan you will save thousands up front and supercharge your marketing for pennies on the dollar.


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