Scratch • 2 • Win

Scratch • 2 • Win

Scratch • 2 • Win

Scratchcards are time honored marketing tools in the physical world. In fact thanks to state lotteries many people are SCRATCHCARD PROGRAMMED, some even addicted.


With the Magic of Technology

Now we can put “Scratchcards” on Smartphones, Tablets, Kiosks, APPs; (any web device).

It’s a combination so darn compelling, people will give up cell numbers and emails… for the chance to play.

Better still, they’ll happily play again and again!

Learn more about Gamification history, and How to Gamify Your Business.

About Gamification

How to Use Scratchcards

Overcome advertising blindness, USE our “VIRTUAL SCRATCHCARDS” to drive traffic the same ways you currently drive traffic to any sale, discount, or other special offer.

The Difference: advertising your own Scratchcard will grab more “eyeballs”, skyrocket your lead capture rates, and fill your Sales Funnel.

You can drive them to subscribe and build your EMAIL or SMS list, so you can reach out with special offers… anytime you need more sales.



Simply Put: this is SUPER ENGAGING, and quickly GOES VIRAL !

Try the Demo

This technology is absolutely a game changer when it comes to providing cutting edge mobile and social engagement.

It’s FUN, and many people smile as they rapidly scratch away to see what they won.

You’ll experience the excitement when you play.

PLAY NOW, see why your customers and prospects will find it nearly impossible to resist.


Gamification Truly Engages

Your customers and prospects will be truly engaged each time they play. You have their full attention away from a busy world, do with it what you will.

You’ll have them so hooked they’ll subscribe to your newsletters, specials and other notifications on their Smartphone and/or Email.

GO VIRAL: As an added bonus, many of your customers and prospects will share the experience with their friends, helping you take your marketing viral faster and wider than ever.


Everyone LOVES the Chance to WIN… 

a dinner TENT CARD says;
Scan this QR code, and PLAY to WIN a FREE PIZZA

a RADIO Commercials says;
WIN a Vacation for two, PLAY Scratch to WIN… Visit:

a BILLBOARD says; 
DRIVE a NEW CAR FREE for a YEAR, PLAY Scratch to WIN…  Visit:

a Postcard says;
Scan this QR code, and PLAY to WIN a FREE CARPET CLEANING


GAMIFICATION •• it’s Fast it’s Effective

Flood Your Sales Funnel

Use Scratchcards to DRIVE your Sales Funnel, simply lead players down a series of additional plays, to sort your prospects and customers into highly targeted marketing lists.

For Example:

You could target “ONLY” one of the following groups, or any other specific demographic that best describes your ideal customer.

  • Women 20-35
  • Men 25-30 in executive positions
  • Women 45+ driving an SUV
  • Men 30-40 wearing Cowboy Hats and Boots
  • Mother’s 20-35, who’s favorite color is PINK

Now you have permission to send a TEXT MESSAGE or EMAIL directly to the EXACT TARGET GROUP… whenever you need more sales.


The “Secret Sauce”

The example below, shows just one way we can capture SMS or EMAIL Lists, from the majority of players.


Design your own GAME, win new customers and INCREASE YOUR SALES.

This is Super Simple Marketing… at it’s finest !!


Just Advertise the Game

Scratchcards report superior engagement over specials, discounts and savings coupons.

Advertising your own Scratchcard will instantly grab more “eyeballs”, skyrocket your lead capture rates and fill your Sales Funnel.

Do Any of the Following…

  • Share or Advertise a Web-link (URL);
  • Add a QR code to your publications;
  • Send a Text Message (SMS);
  • Use Posters and Flyers;
  • Advertise in the Newspaper;
  • Advertise on Radio and TV;
  • Run Billboards;
  • Send Postcards and Mailers;
  • A Kiosk or Tablet at Your Business;
  • Use Tent Cards in Your Restaurant.

Next, Get Social…

REMEMBER: you can use this with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

In fact, Social Media is an excellent way to advertise your Scratchcard Game.

Go Viral, the easy way…

Share your own Scratchcard Game !!


Fast Setup

Boasting a massive advantage over traditional paper, our “Virtual Scratchcards” offer limitless viral distribution.

Setup is so fast, you could boost your walk-in and online traffic in as little as 2 days.

“Virtual”, means there is no printing involved so we can distribute more Scratchcards, faster cheaper.

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