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Schema vs. Keywords

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How to Increase Organic Search Click-throughs & Defy Algorithm Upheavals

Dear Search Engine Marketer: The search engines need your help.

With over 30 billion pages in their combined indexes, Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are struggling to comprehend what any particular site is really about, and how to rank and display meaningful data in their search page results.

Some of the smartest minds on the planets work for Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, and they’re creating ways to make sense of all the existing and new content created every second by millions of internet users worldwide.

But they need our help…and they’re willing to reward us for playing by their rules.

More on that in a minute.

If you want more search engine traffic, you must adhere to these 4 Golden Rules:

  • Ensure your sites can be discovered, crawled and understood by search engine bots
  • Create sites that are valuable to searchers and provide a good searching experience
  • Maximize a site’s visibility within the search engine result pages
  • Increase the amount of qualified organic search traffic to your sites, thereby achieving a positive ROI for your clients (or yourself)

Pretty simple stuff, right? Create high quality content, get it indexed, rank it high, and bring in traffic. That’s the search engine marketing game in a nutshell.

Then why is SEO so damn hard? And why are your sites failing to even get noticed by Google and the other search engines?

Forget “Dominating a Keyword.”
Instead, Feed the Search Engines “Entities” of Information

Are you still focusing on keywords? On exact match domains? On fabricated backlinking strategies?

Those days are passing…and elements like keywords (for so long the starting point of any SEO campaign) are carrying less and less importance.

Google_Hummingbird_LogoIn fact, with the Hummingbird search engine update in August 2013, Google took a huge step forward in minimizing the significance of keywords altogether.

Hummingbird is Google’s new search engine. It’s more than Panda or Penguin, more meaningful even than Caffeine (released in 2010).

Hummingbird was designed to bring order to the web…to understand the semantic meaning of web content…to truly answer the questions that its searchers are asking.

With Hummingbird’s algorithm, context is becoming more important in search. This “context” is the semantic connections of content on your pages to the searcher’s query…but it’s also a type of situational context Google is expanding on to understand the searcher’s intent.

In other words, when someone searches for something, what is it they are truly hoping to find?

And the question we, as search engine marketers, must ask is, “How do we ensure the search engines know everything they need to know about my page content so they will display my website for relevant queries?”

Web Searchers Have Changed…Have You?

The reason keywords are becoming so irrelevant is because searchers aren’t using standard keywords any more. Searchers now ask questions of Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

We’ve been living with the internet for nearly 20 years. We’ve been using Google for around 15 years (my, how time flies)! And over that time, searchers are simply more sophisticated. We know that the more detailed our search, the better our results. We know that just putting some three- or four-word phrase into the search engine won’t cut it.

(Why else do you think Google disabled their Keyword Research Tool? Because “keywords” are fast becoming irrelevant to how people actually search for the information they want.)

The “Big 3” Finally Agree on Something…

Are You On Board?

Just like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, the search engines are saying to us, “Help us help you!”

jerryGoogle, Bing, and Yahoo! want us to give them detailed information about what our web content is really all about. More than tags or meta descriptions, and way beyond optimizing for particular keywords.

Some call it “structured data,” some call it “microdata,” and you may have heard the term “rich snippet” floating around.

But we will call it what the “Big 3” have agreed upon: Schema.

Think of schema as a way for site publishers to provide search engines with more detailed information than we’ve ever been able to provide them. Schema is a classification of code, a sort of “common frequency” that the “Big 3” have all tuned their search engines to.

So when you add this vital schema to your pages and posts, Bing, Yahoo!, and Google will each really understand what your page is all about!

Before this gets too technical, let’s look at some examples of what happens when you add schema to your websites.

The Power of Schema Revealed!


Do you see how additional information is being presented with the search results?

Do you notice how much additional real estate is taken up by sites who utilize schema?

When you add schema to your site pages you allow the search engines to not only crawl and index your content…you allow them to understand your content!

This understanding allows you to break free of keywords and join the actual search conversation that is going on in your niche!

Ready to add schema to your sites so you’re not left out?

Introducing the EASY WAY…

to Radically Enhance Your Search Engine Display and Increase Your Click-Through Rate

SchemaPress_shadowSchemaPress is a JingleSPOT PREMIUM WORDPRESS PLUGIN that allows you to simply and effectively add schema data to your sites with no technical skills involved. If you can click a couple of buttons and type, then you can operate SchemaPress!
Without SchemaPress, you would need to crack open the HTML code of each of your site pages, work up the correct schema coding, and hope you don’t break something in the process.
But we’ve taken care of all the “hard work,” so all you have to do is fill out some key information, click a button, and you’re good to go!

Types of Information You Can Add Schema To



SchemaPress in Action!








We’re going to provide you with a User’s Manual that walks you through everything you need to know to use SchemaPress, along with our Best Practices and tips for maximizing the content you’re already creating!

Plus, Add Facebook’s Open Graph!

That’s right! The search engines aren’t the only ones interested in this layer of additional data. Facebook has their own version, called Open Graph, and with your SchemaPress license, you’ll now be able to tell Facebook exactly…

  • What You Want Facebook to Show When You Post a Link
  • How You Want User Interaction Displayed Within Facebook

You ever see information in Facebook like “Johnny’s listening to Spotify,” or “Mike just cooked a recipe on Allrecipes,” or have you ever wondered how some Facebook posts just look better than others, by the photo that’s shared or the text that accompanies it?

That’s Open Graph at work, and now you’ll have it at your fingertips with SchemaPress!

Sounds Great! What’s the Catch?

The only catch is that this product is no longer available to the public.. JingleSPOT purchased the master for this product from the developer, one of our regular contractors. This product is now exclusively available to JingleSPOT customers only for $199.00 including install to your website.

While this product is designed to be very user friendly, it does take time to use it to the full potential. If your too busy or simply prefer to contract this task, JingleSPOT can help. We have experts that will use this software to tweak every page of your website if you wish. Or they can do a limited number of pages and you can continue on by example.

If you want a JingleSPOT agent to handle this tool for you, please refer to our On-Site SEO service. When you order SEO service, if you also have this WP PLugin, JingleSPOT will use this software as a base tool.


** Tool Just $199 Installed / Add for Project Help