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Here at JingleSPOT, we put our members ahead of the pack in part by using QR code technology.

What is not widely known about this new strategy in marketing.  Is the varying quality of consumer applications to read the codes.

After extensive testing with many different quality of printed QR codes, and countless scanners, JingleSPOT found that many scanners do not work well enough to be relied upon for daily use.

The bottom line is, we want a QR code app, that works every time, and with even poor quality, or small qr code labeling,” says

QR code app reviewWhen we use a product, we want the best quality for the best price.  Just because it’s free, is not a good reason to use something.  But often times, we find that the free apps are better than paid apps.  So you cannot judge any phone or tablet app by it’s price tag.

We tested several commonly available QR code app Reader / Scanner apps, and presently, we are only going to recommend one.

The i-nigma QR Code App, Data Matrix and 1D barcode scanner.  We recommend it not only because it is free, they also have both and Android Scanner and an iPhone App, of equal quality.  For those of you with multiple devices like us.


Here’s the links… Happy scanning.

Android Scanner 

QR Code iPhone

We feel that the i-nigma is the best QR Code reader, and it also scans Datamatrix and EAN codes as well!

It is also, an incredibly fast and accurate QR code app

i-nigma is based on 3GVision’s barcode scanning technology, which has become the de-facto standard for Japanese iphones, Android phones and other smartphones.

It also easily decodes creative and decorated QR codes.

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This is why i-nigma is commonly ranked as the top performing barcode reader for 1D and 2D codes.