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51 Point Affiliate Program Checklist

The 51 Point Checklist – Affiliate Program Setup Creating  your own Affiliate Program is an excellent way to build exposure for your brand and skyrocket your sales. With your own affiliate program, you can pay for leads as a performance based commission, so you only pay for a real lead or sale. While Affiliate marketing is as awesome as it sounds, you …

About Google Plus

  x   Select a Presentation Below x Since its launch in 2011, Google Plus, commonly known as Google+, has gone on to attract over 500 million registered users, making it one of the most popular social networking today. For companies and professionals, this means a new and innovative way to share business news with like-minded people, mingle with existing …

LEADING LIFESTYLE WEBSITE AND WOMEN’S MEDIA PLATFORM SEEKS TO INCREASE NEW VISITOR ACQUISITION . . Personalized Retargeting And Dynamic Display Ads Work Together To Produce Higher Click Rates.       SITUATION is an award-winning women’s media platform and top lifestyle website with more than 40 million unique visitors per month. She Knows, LLC wanted to increase new visitor …

Are Your Kids Savvy About Internet Safety?

Are Your Kids Savvy About Internet Safety? (NewsUSA) – The Internet is an important educational tool. With a click of a mouse, kids can find information on just about anything. Unfortunately, children who don’t practice basic Internet safety may expose themselves and their parents to certain risks. Children can easily stumble upon inappropriate content. Chat rooms have a reputation for …

Barcode APPs

Barcode APPs June 2011 review At JingleSPOT, many of our members use Barcode code technology to encode their products. Today’s smartphones can read barcodes with the use of Barcode APPs.. What is not widely known about barcodes, is the varying quality of consumer applications to read barcodes.   Barcode APPs Quality After extensive testing with many different quality of printed …

Best Practice Mobile Email

Best Practice Mobile Email [click image to enlarge]

Future Ready?

Are You Ready For This…? Get ready… join JingleSPOT today! . Aloha Folks, This is just a short review of the world we need to be ready for.  Here at JingleSPOT we are adding hundreds of features every day, to get ready for the future. Watching the video below in a matter of a few minutes, you will see why …

Gamification & Engagement

A well designed game will support and enhance your business objectives. You will want to leverage your game mechanics so that your business objectives are the bias for scoring. Your game will need to be interesting and engaging while promoting behaviors that motivate your players to become customers. Learn more about how a well designed game can work, with the …

Gamification Goes Mainstream

Oxford Dictionary added “gamification” to its Word of the Year short list. Almost made the cut! There are already 8 books published on gamification 50% of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes by 2015 The following infographic by Big Door, presents an overview of how gamification has become a mainstream formula:

Gamification History

  Gamification is a process of making systems, service and activities more enjoyable and motivating. Gamification commonly employs game design elements which are used in so called non-game contexts in attempts to improve user engagement, organizational productivity, flow, learning, employee recruitment and evaluation, ease of use and usefulness of systems, physical exercise, traffic violations, and voter apathy, among others. A …

Gamification in Market Research

Gamification has made news in various industry verticals since past few years. A powerful strategy, gamification helps you to engage your customers in a better way. Customers across various industrialverticals, including market research gain numerous advantages with help of this technique. Gamification is a process of using game mechanics to trigger thinking and problem solving mechanism of the customers.

Gamification is Winning

Expected to grow by 11 to 1 over the next 4 years, gamification is the buzz word for using game mechanics for education, sales and marketing and more. The following infographic presents an overview of how ramification is the new normal…

Gamification Report

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users and solve problems. Despite the amount of books and papers written on the subject, there is no single database or repository that identifies gamification systems and allows those interested to compare and contrast them. This paper aims to fill that gap by creating a …

Gamification: A Winning Strategy

42% of the top 200 fitness apps feature gamification 62% of employers consider gamification the most effective strategy in encouraging employees to improve their health 31% will adopt at least one new health-related gamification strategy in the coming year The following infographic by Citrus Suite, presents an overview mapping the elements of play:

Gamification: Types of Users

Since Gamification appeals to the psychological part of customers’ nature, it is a good idea to classify all your users in accordance with their behavior.

Gamify Your Business in 5 Steps

In short, gamification allows businesses and brands to engage with their customers beyond the usual buy and sell relationship. Of course social media has changed this engagement but gamification, when done successfully, will make those people want to engage with you…

Gauging Internet Marketing Efforts and Results

Gauging Internet Marketing Efforts and Results (NewsUSA) – It’s tempting to slack off on certain business ventures as the weather heats up, but we all know businesses don’t get the luxury of a summer break. In fact, when it comes to Internet marketing, most businesses can rarely afford to take a break — especially if a company struggles with measuring …

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Ever wonder how exactly people make money from Affiliate marketing? This infographic from breaks it all down. . by InfoNewt.  From Visually.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Source: JackMedia . What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the …

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line

Unfortunately, website visitors tend to care more about speed than all the bells and whistles we want to add to our websites. Additionally, page loading time is becoming a more important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

How to Gamify

Typically, we think of gamification in context with consumer engagement. However, it can also help to train, educate and motivate employees. Likewise, it can adapt to development of formal education, with many higher education schools employing gamification everyday. Gartner, a technology research firm, predicts that more than 70 percent of the Forbes Global 2000 organizations will have at least one …

How to Make Contacts, Raise Capital

How to Make Contacts, Raise Capital (NewsUSA) – While the economy struggles to find its way back to some semblance of middle ground between a bull market and a bear, industry conferences can provide a welcome boost for companies looking to raise capital. To this end, Financial Services Exchange, Inc. (FSX) gives companies who need both exposure and funding a …

Local Mobile Search

Local Mobile Search [click image to enlarge]    

Logo Science 101

Why You Need A Logo To understand ‘WHY’, you need to understand ‘WHAT’ a logo is. To understand what, you need to understand ‘HOW’ and ‘WHERE’ a logo is used, or the PURPOSE. In simple terms, a logo is SYMBOL, a MARK, a FLAG or a SIGNATURE representing a BRAND, company, group or agency. In legal terms, it is referred …

Logos & Color

Truthfully, color is too dependent on personal experiences to be universally translated to specific feelings. But there are broader messaging patterns to be found in color perceptions. For instance, colors play a fairly substantial role in purchases and branding. Consider the following: Purple – luxury, wisdom Purple has long been associated with royalty. Blue – trust, confidence Blue is all …

Making Sense of Mobile Search

Making Sense of Mobile Search [click image to enlarge]

Maximizing Flexibility

How to Maximize Flexibility (NewsUSA) – For small businesses, it’s a thin line between success and failure. Flexibility is key. This ability to respond swiftly often gives small businesses a desirable advantage over their much-larger competitors because they can adapt to take advantage of growing opportunities and changes in their particular industries. “The reality is, owners must constantly look to …

Mixing Business with Gamification

A buzz word for the last year. gamification is the buzz word for using game mechanics for education, sales and marketing and more. The following infographic presents an overview of to mix ramification and business.

Mobile Email

Mobile Email [click image to enlarge]    

Mobile News: Tilli Capelli, UK

Mobile News: Tilli Capelli, UK July 16, 2012 Following the successful launch of it’s desktop website, to compliment it’s thriving beauty business, Tilli Capelli Beauty, “a stylish hair and beauty salon”,  also recently launched a mobile website, for consumers using Smartphones like Samsung lastest Android, and and of course iPhone users. Normal websites, those found on your desktop or laptop computer, are designed …

PhoneAPP: QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader APPs Here at JingleSPOT, we put our members ahead of the pack in part by using QR code technology. What is not widely known about this new strategy in marketing.  Is the varying quality of consumer applications to read the codes. After extensive testing with many different quality of printed QR codes, and countless scanners, JingleSPOT found …

Play 2 Win Marketing

Get More Leads with Addictive Lead Games! We can kickstart your lead generation with our special promotional video game and prize delivery services. We all know how this works, everyone loves to win. The vast majority of people play one or more games each year precisely because they secretly hope to win. You know it’s true… You’re here because you want …

QR Code Invasion

QR Code Invasion [click image to enlarge]  

Schema vs. Keywords

Tired of “Flavor of the Month” SEO tactics that don’t pay off? Stop trying to “game” your way into the SERPs! There’s a better way… Give Google, Bing, and Yahoo! EXACTLY What They Want and Be Rewarded BIG TIME in the Search Engine Result Pages! Seize a Competitive SEO Advantage… And Never Worry Again About the Latest “SEO Killing” Update From Google! ** …

Scratch • 2 • Win

Scratch • 2 • Win Scratchcards are time honored marketing tools in the physical world. In fact thanks to state lotteries many people are SCRATCHCARD PROGRAMMED, some even addicted. . With the Magic of Technology Now we can put “Scratchcards” on Smartphones, Tablets, Kiosks, APPs; (any web device). It’s a combination so darn compelling, people will give up cell numbers and emails… for …

Social Media World

The World of Social Media Click to Return to Social Marketing Services

The Gamification Roadmap

Farmind, based in Oulu, Finland, is a console game development studio specializing in casual handheld console games.  Below, they present a well considered Roadmap to Gamification.

The Human Side of Gamification

Over the last 2 years, we have created 90% of the data in our world; More than just fun and games, Gamification has a proven history; Engagement increases up to 240% for both customers and employees. The following infographic by bunchball, focuses on the human side of gamification.

Travel & Smartphones

Travel & Smartphones .

U.S. Mobile Commerce

U.S. Mobile Commerce [click image to enlarge]    

Web Care

Need Web Care? Let’s start with who’s making sure your website is operating correctly? Now some tougher questions… Who’s responsible for your: Analytics  • Disaster Recovery • Backups • Traffic Monitoring • FTP Access • Google Compliance • Security • Upgrades • Payment-Processing & PCI Compliance • Password Control • Malware & Virus Scanning; These and much more, are things that a Business Class …

What is Gamification Now?

This image is very simple and in no way a complete picture, but it gives an idea of where I see gamification now. A convergence of technology (in many cases), game elements and behavioural psychology. You will notice two words there that may raise an eyebrow. The first is fun. Fun is hard to define, but I still think that we should …

Why Mobile Marketing

Why Mobile Marketing [click image to enlarge]  

Youtube Factoids

Youtube Factoids   It’s the 3rd most viewed site on Earth;   1 billion+ unique visitors each month   2.7 million+ hours of play per minute daily;   72 hours of uploaded video every minute;   30% of YouTube traffic comes the US;   For 2011, YouTube served over 1 trillion views;   98 of the top 100 advertisers use …