Logo Science 101

Why You Need A Logo

To understand ‘WHY’, you need to understand ‘WHAT’ a logo is. To understand what, you need to understand ‘HOW’ and ‘WHERE’ a logo is used, or the PURPOSE.

In simple terms, a logo is SYMBOL, a MARK, a FLAG or a SIGNATURE representing a BRAND, company, group or agency. In legal terms, it is referred to as a ‘Trademark’ or a ‘Servicemark’, both precise about the intended use (ie; applied to goods, or services respectively).

Used as a primary identifier for a BRAND, requires that it be unique and strikingly different from other logos or marks. Particularly in the same market niche. Generally measured by the creative use of shapes, colors, fonts and images in it’s creation.

Effective Logos:

  • Are immediately recognizable;
  • Inspire trust, admiration and loyalty;
  • Imply superiority of quality;
  • Are elegant and feel premium (i.e.; “High-end”);
  • Conveying a certain finesse and attention to detail;
  • Avoid the sharp and obtrusive.

Likewise, they should not be Gothic, Geeky or otherwise a ‘strange niche favorite’.

It’s generally best to go for the wider appeal.

A LOGO does NOT SELL directly, it is rarely a description of a business and the subject matter is unlimited. Logos derive their meaning from the quality of the products and/or services it represents, NOT the reverse. What a logo represents, is more important than it’s visual impression.


What Makes a Good Logo?

Naturally, there are common elements that guide us to what makes a good logo. Following are some of the most basic elements:



Rookie Startup Mistake 101

As logo design experts, we note that a common mistake many small business owners make is to under value the power of a good logo in building a BRAND. Too many think fast and cheap about their BRAND, and subsequently about their LOGO.

Likewise, too little thought goes into a business name, often leading to a poor choice. They then follow this path to an amateur graphic artist for logo for a quick and useless logo.

The Dress for Success Strategy

By contrast… those billion dollar companies that many new business owners aspire to emulate. Put thought and money into their BRAND first, knowing the money is well spent, because they depend on BRAND RECOGNITION to help them grow their business at those exponential rates the news so faithfully reminds us of.

They plan on using countless collateral materials from business cards and brochures to print, radio and TV, as well as re-targeting across social networks and the web. So they depend on a SOLID, well defined easily identified BRAND IMAGE. Which frankly, works best if you start with a kick-butt logo design.


Timeless Logo Design

Then, there is the timeless logo. This logo is so well considered and designed that it stands the test of time. It is as fresh and strong in 25-50-100 years. It is unforgettable, striking, unique, eye-catching and appropriate.

What makes a timeless logo? In rare cases, just luck, in many cases, millions upon millions in advertising dollars. But there are common elements that successful logos teach us. Follow these and you’re on your way to creating the right logo for your company.


Remember, when the main elements of your logo are in sync, the effect is powerful. But, get it wrong and it could turn-off your target customer.

Working with JingleSPOT, we’ll keep you on track with all the “Logo Best Practices” so that these and hundreds of other important factors are considered at every stage of your logo development.


The Logo Design Process

  • So what’s the big deal anyway?
  • What’s so hard about creating a logo?
  • It’s small, looks pretty easy, so what gives?

First, when you’re looking at a finished logo for most successful companies. Your looking at the end result of the design process. Your seeing a finished product.

However, the actual process of logo design is an intense mix of research, creativity, logic, color meanings, symbol meanings, the effect of shapes and countless other elements that must merge in exactly the right way.

When JingleSPOT is charged with designing your logo, we follow a process that ensures the final design will meet or exceed your needs and expectations.

Following is our Step-by-Step design process:

STEP 1 – Design Request
STEP 2 – Design Brief
STEP 3 – Research
STEP 4 – Reference
STEP 5 – Sketching and Concept
STEP 6 – Computer Draft
STEP 7 – Reflection
STEP 8 – Presentation
STEP 9 – Delivery and Support


Basic Design Principles

As mentioned above, a good logo design is should be immediately recognizable, inspire trust, admiration, loyalty and imply superiority of quality, etc. But there is more, in order to properly convey the owner’s intended message, the most important principles to keep in mind are:

SIMPLE: Remember the K.I.S.S Principle of Design. Feature something unique, unexpected, eye-catching, but not ‘overdrawn’. Your goal is to be easily recognized, incredibly memorable and to convey the primary message if possible.

It is also important to remember that it should catch attention and be recognizable to 70mph drive-by, on shelves at stores it should not be lost in a sea, likewise when used in advertising and marketing mediums.

By way of example, look at Nike, ‘a graphic swoosh’ is all it takes to convey a story, invoke an emotion, increase brand awareness.


In most cases, it will take time and investment for a logo to do it’s job. The audience must be conditioned by exposure to the logo and the related products and services. Regardless, the goal is long-term recognition, which leads to a comfort level and trust that makes the consumer choose your brand over another, regardless of price, materials, etc.


Logo Cost

Naturally one of the biggest and most frequent concerns is the price. How much should you pay for a logo? What’s in the price? Is it all the same, is every logo is the same price based on the number of colors, size or other factors?

These questions cannot be answered without additional information. For example, when considering the cost or value of a logo design package, you need to consider the following and more:

  • How many concepts;
  • How many revisions;
  • How much research;
  • How will it be used;
  • What format: ie; Vector / JPG;
  • How many colors;
  • How many constraints to design;
  • Is there a slogan;
  • Will it contain the Name;

Of course there are many other things that will affect the cost. But the above gives you good reason to be clear what you want.

If you want to save money, you can compromise research, tight constraints, limit revisions, limit the number of concept drafts, etc.

A logo is as important as you make it. If you’re building a business that you hope to give your kids, or sell for a profit later. Good branding is extremely important. If you’re just doing lawn maintenance for a side gig while you finish a law degree. You get the point.

Invest more, if you want more value, more flexibility, more distinctive, more memorable, more unique.


Choosing Your Logo Designer

There are two ways to look at this stage:

  • Lone Gunman Design
  • Hire an Advertising Consultant

Many people make the assumption that they will save money having cousin Joe or the neighbor’s kid to do the job. If you choose this path, saving money may or may not be the case.

It depends on many factors, let’s look closer at the pros and cons:

Lone Gunman Logo Design

What will be important is to know what they will bring to the table.

The fact is, no matter how good they are. They are but ONE PERSON, with a SINGLE MIND, with singular experiences in life and in talent.

Again, in some cases a fantastic logo is the result of a drunken stuper, three girls, an all nighter and five napkins. But, this is NOT a reliable strategy. It is pure fluke when it pays off.

For the rest of us, it is better to plan for success. That said, experts bring experience and in many cases much more to the game. For example, the foregoing knowledge of design factors, color meanings, symbol meanings, and a hundred other things mentioned above.

That said, unless you have the luck of the Irish, it’s better to seek a professional designer or consider the corporation strategy. If you do decide you want to go small, then CLICK HERE for more about selecting a one-on-one personal designer.

More Bang For Your Buck

For those of you who want a better, more reliable option. We highly recommend choosing JingleSPOT or another agency that brings many designers to the game.

In this case, you have the advantage of a corporation to hold responsible for delivering what you want. While they have the flexibility to use any 1-2-3 or more artists they like to service your request.

For example, we generally match the job order to the artists that we believe have the right corner for the customer. We then order 3 or more draft ideas and present them to our client. The selected draft, is then tweaked to the client’s specifications by one of the draft artists, or perhaps a completely different artist.

Regardless of the artists involved, we guarantee satisfaction. In some cases, this means we redo the work more than once, using any number of artists. With one goal. A happy customer.

In the end, we generally deliver a product that will be of higher quality, greater longevity, better recognition, more appropriate and you will deal with one agent from start to finish, providing you will first class, consistent, reliable service and communication.


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