Google My Business Reviews Sell – Get on Google Local Services

Google My Business Reviews Sell – Get on Google Local Services

Google My Business Reviews Sell
Get on Google Local Services

Today, the way to win the local business marketing game is to be featured in the first 3 Google search results.

Let us claim, verify & optimize your Google My Business (ie; GMB) listing, and get you into the GMB 3-Pack for Google Local Services search results. Then, we’ll ensure that your business is always at the top of Google search results.

Get more local exposure and more local customers… FAST !!!

Google is a marketing giant and to help local businesses to connect with local buyers, Google created the GMB marketing System (ie; “Google My Business”). This an absolutely FREE marketing system, provided as a Kickstarter for small businesses.

  • More than a business listing with Yelp, your FREE Google My Business account connects you to your customers both on maps and in Google search results.
  • An optimized GMB set up features the things that make your business unique, giving customers every reason possible to choose your business to fill their needs.
  • Google Local Services are popular with shoppers, and your Google my Business is where it all happens, they can call, message, and leave reviews in one place.

When the world searches for answers, they turn to Google. Your Google My Business listing turns daily search requests into your customers.


Google My Business and SEO

Many businesses just starting their Internet marketing journey realize the importance of a good website and proper SEO. But, did you know that if your local business, Google My Business is the very first place to start your SEO journey?

Most folks these days start with a Google search for a nearby product or service.

The best part, these searches are by prospects that are ready to BUY or very close.

Statistically, 50% of those that search for a local business, using a search like “beds near me”, visit one or more stores that day. See how powerful that can be..?

Your business simply must show in Google Local Services to make sure you’re getting your share of the market. The market is big enough for everyone, but you have to be seen, and your GMB listing is the first best way to get your business in front to real buyers, moreover, buyers that are ready part with cash today.


Here’s How it Works…

  1. Claim Your Google Business
  2. Create Your Google Local Account
  3. Pass Business Verifications
  4. Do Your Listing Optimization
  5. Get the GMB App for Easy Access

** Learn more, see: The Ultimate Guide to Google My Business

This is a good time to mention, this powerful collection of tools is for businesses that offer face-to-face interaction with customers. So if your a restaurant, plumber, lawyer, accountant, gift shop, etc. your Google My Business listing is the first best place to start your marketing, and it’s FREE from Google. Unfortunately, GMB listings and Google Local Services are not used for 100% online business types.


Why You Need Expert Help with GMB…

Google My Business is designed to be simple, and yet the list of features and the importance of using each correctly cannot be understated.

The fact is that just completing the steps as Google lays them out is not enough. There are hundreds of secret tricks to making your Google My Business listing into the powerful tool it was designed to be.

For example, we can optimize your listing to bring the greatest visibility and avoid suspension. Following best practices including NOT over-optimizing, because it can hurt your listing. In fact, there are 9 common mistakes, beyond that, leave to the experts;

Google My Business is one of the most powerful local marketing tools available, but it’s useless if you don’t know how to use it, or don’t have the time because you’re running your business.


JingleSPOT can help…

As Google My Business experts, we can help you optimize and manage your GMB profile, and add important assets each month to your GMB. The results are both amazing and guaranteed.

Here are common problems we solve daily.

  • GMB suspended;
  • Duplicate listings (bad for SEO);
  • Issues ranking for local search;
  • How to use the Dashboard and Insights;
  • How to make GMB work better;
  • How to deal with bulk listings management;
  • How to load and use the catalog feature;
  • How to use posts for instant attention;
  • How to get more good reviews;
  • How to reverse bad reviews;
  • How to write a great GMB “About” blurb;

…and so many more issues we can help with.


So very powerful, yet many people do not know all the features…

Here are Some Important GMB Features

  • Photos
  • See Outside aka Streetview
  • Map
  • Website
  • Directions
  • Reviews
  • Address
  • Hours
  • Phone number
  • Questions and answers
  • About
  • Events
  • Posts
  • Catalog

So, we can go on and on about all the things we can do, all the reasons you might want help, or why you don’t to want to make dealing with your GMB listing a full-time job. But, the fact is, like many of today’s marketing solutions, having an expert on tap, ready, willing and able to help is the smart solution.

JingleSPOT offers a completely FREE consultation.

We are completely transparent about our services. We even teach FREE classes to help you handle your own GMB listings. But in the end, one of three things is going to happen;

  1. Your going to do it yourself until your too big, then hire us;
  2. You’re going to hire some other expert, they will fail your expectations, and you will hire us;
  3. You’re going to cut to the chase, do what others do, and hire the best, JingleSPOT


Save some time, schedule a call, today..!

We’ll answer your every question, and we’ll even take a look at your current GMB and offer some FREE advice. You’ll get a chance to put a face and a voice to our service.

Note: JingleSPOT offers this advanced GMB service exclusively to advertising and marketing agencies and web designers/developers. If you own a business and you would like your GMB professionally managed, we will be happy to connect you with a local agency. Or, if you have an advertising agency or web developer handing your GMB or other marketing, we are pleased to connect with your professionals, ensuring that you get our very best GMB account management through your already trusted professionals.

You will be taken to the DigitalBull website.


We promise you will end your call with a better understanding of Google My Business (ie; GMB), Google Local Services.

Plus, you will learn how your business can stand out, and get more customers using your Google My Business listing.

Okay, maybe you need to see the Dashboard to learn more first…

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DigitalBull Reviews

 “Great work. Thanks, DigitalBull GO!” T. Rhodes; London, UK

“I have hired DigitalBull GO for 2 months now and the difference is huge! Our Google traffic has more than doubled. Before working with them, we would be lucky to get 1 customer a month from Google. I can’t imagine how little amount of work we would have if we hadn’t hired DigitalBull GO as 90% of our customers are now coming from Google. They are great to work with and explain everything very thoroughly. The work is done fast and efficiently and they never say no to a request. They just make it happen. I am very happy to have found this SEO company and will definitely refer to anyone that is looking for results.” Leon Brook; Perth, Australia

“I own and operate two locksmith businesses in Chicago and have 3 verified GMB listings and there is one team I trust with all my GMBs, DigitalBull GO.” J. Hernandez; Chicago, Illinois


“My old site was a little outdated as well in terms of the overall appearance and user experience. After hiring experts from DigitalBull GO to redo the whole site, add some more content, and make it FAST with extra add-ons such as the FAQ, I am super excited about how it turned out. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with the results.”T. Poulos; Charlotte, North Carolina

“I analyzed your tool completely and find that you have covered everything possible. I appreciate your efforts and am sure this tool will take you places. I have done most of the things/items analyzed by the tool and that’s the one big reason I am able to succeed in this highly competitive marketplace. Thank you for granting access to your awesome tool.”Suresh K., Chennai, India