Gauging Internet Marketing Efforts and Results

Gauging Internet Marketing Efforts and Results

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – It’s tempting to slack off on certain business ventures as the weather heats up, but we all know businesses don’t get the luxury of a summer break.

In fact, when it comes to Internet marketing, most businesses can rarely afford to take a break — especially if a company struggles with measuring its online efforts or tracking results.

“Some companies make the mistake of putting too much emphasis on social media marketing. While it’s undeniably important, social media is in no way the end-all-be-all means of exposure,” explains Bryan Thornberg, president of the digital marketing agency Higher Images Inc. “You can’t forget the bigger picture, things like pay-per-click advertising and accurately tracking lead generation.”

In addition to social media marketing — which tends to excite business owners because it can be inexpensive and easy to manage — Thornberg outlines other factors that affect “online real estate.”

The visibility of any website hangs on quality design, a competitive Google ranking and extensive search engine optimization (SEO). Having a website that’s easy to find, explore and use increases leads and overall sales. But it’s not enough to boost sales if businesses can’t track real-time results or measure exactly where their digital dollars are going.

Thornberg helps companies track advertising results, effectively seeing the bigger picture, with an online platform incorporating all digital marketing efforts. The cohesive tracking system, called Digital HI Technology, measures everything — leads (distinguishing between leads from websites, online searches, social media and phone calls), conversions, sales, expansion areas and beyond.

“Digital HI also powers Search Magnet Local, a program designed to increase your web presence and target advertising to precise search terms and locations that instantly help your Google ranking,” Thornberg adds.

With that kind of accountability, businesses can monitor how effective a marketing special is, what SEO terms are currently trendy and how many potential customers actually read testimonials.

According to the owner of one of the most successful car dealerships in Pittsburgh, Pa., Diehl Toyota, “[Digital HI] covers all the necessary aspects needed to effectively market to my customers and track the results of my efforts.”

This kind of focused marketing helps refine the granular state of the Internet. Both users and search engines will be better able to sift through the dirt and find gold.