The JingleSPOT Store is made possible only with the help of countless programmers, designers, artists, and developers.  Following we give credit to the hard work performed by these companies and individuals.

American Banknotes

American Banknotes by: PublicDomainPictures

Amex Visa Mastercard

Amex Visa Mastercard by: Republica

Artexpo Web and Marketing Team

Artexpo Web and Marketing Team by:  Will Merydith


Banknotes by: PublicDomainPictures

Beautiful Smartphone Girl

Beautiful Smartphone Girl by PublicDomainPictures

Binary One

Binary One by: geralt  /  Gerd Altmann

Business Clock

Business Clock by: PublicDomainPictures

Card Credit Girl

Card Credit Girl by PublicDomainPictures

Clock View

Clock View by Earls37a Clock, image

Download Signs

Download Signs by: Gerd Altmann

Earth Globe

Earth Globe By Gerd Altmann

Email Marketing Cycle

Email Marketing Cycle by 14clicksNick Starting with one subscriber, that subscriber gets an email with the headline as the subject. If the headline is engaging, they’ll open the email, click the link, read the article, and enjoy your content. The call to action may be to subscribe, but since they’re already subscribed, they’ll either +1, Like, Tweet, or Share it. …

Google Ranking Survey

Google Ranking Survey by: sidduz

How to do SEO for a website

How to do SEO for a website by: SEOPlanter

Hurry Business Shops

Hurry Business Shops by: geralt  /  Gerd Altmann

Invest In Content

101 Invest in Content by: Search Engine People Blog

It’s an online game

It’s an online game The overwhelming majority of first-half deals on SecondMarket (87.6 percent) were in the consumer web and social media sector. Only 7.3 percent came from business products and services and a mere 5.1 percent from retailing and commerce. . by: tjohansmeyer

Laptop Baby

Laptop Baby by: PublicDomainPictures

Marketing and Business Engagement Team

Marketing and Business Engagement Team by: Highways Agency

MuseScore Survey

MuseScore Survey We are conducting a survey to learn more about how you use MuseScore. It takes 5 min to If you have some time left, here is the very first MuseScore newsletter: In case you like to receive the next newsletters, sign up here: Picture courtesy of Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien by: musescore

November 9th, 2011 meeting

November 9th, 2011 meeting By ALsocme Jenny Schmitt of CloudSpark in Atlanta was the guest speaker at our Nov. 9 educational meeting. She spoke on “The Digital Divide: The Psychographics of Social Media.” The sponsors for this meeting were the Hill Event Center at the Alabama Theatre and Wesban Financial Consultants. Photos by J&M Photography

Problem Solution

Problem Solution by: Gerd Altmann

Question Mark

Question Mark by: Gerd Altmann

SEO Blocks

Seo Blocks by: Paloma Gómez

SEO Makes Sense

SEO Makes Sense by Brian Anderson

SEO Optimized Google+ Profile

SEO Optimized Google+ Profile by Frederick Md Publicity

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart By:  geralt  /  Gerd Altmann

Sketches: Coxcomb chart

Sketches: Coxcomb chart Using a coxcomb chart (a combination of stacked bar and pie charts) backed up with data from the survey, it would be clear which occupation categories most content strategists belonged to. Would this also serve as to demonstrate the potential paths to employment or areas of study for anyone interested in the discipline? by: richardjingram

Smiley Face Cartoon

Smiley Face Cartoon by: Gerd Altmann

Social Media

Social Media by: Liane Kwoll

Social Media & Small Business

Social Media & Small Business by: deanmeyersnet

Social Media Learning Lab

Open Space work at the Social Media Learning Lab by Tatiana12

Social Media Marketing Process Map

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Social Media Prism

Social Media Prism by birgerking This social media prism is inspired by Brian Solis & JESS3. It’s made by Ethority, a German social media marketing agency.

Social Media Process

Social Media Process by: Damien Basile

Social Shares LinkWheel

Social Shares LinkWheel by JNFerree

Team Geek League

Team Geek League by: ImagineCup Anjali Menon, Jamie Lin, Liza Singer, Matthew Sarnak

Team Meeting at Cash

Team Meeting at Cash by: lululemon athletica

The Fluid Forms Team

The Fluid Forms Team by: Fluid Forms f.l.t.r: Andreas Jaritz (Marketing/PR), Hannes Walter (CEO), Stephen Williams (CTO), Max Schelling (Server Side Coding) Foto by Karin Lernbei This photo was taken on October 1, 2008 using a Canon EOS 5D.

What Type of Cloud?

What Type of Cloud? by: NetIQ’s Flickr

Woman Eye Globe

Woman Eye Globe by: Gerd Altmann

Www Censorship Ban

Www Censorship Ban by: Gerd Altmann

Youtube Factoids

Youtube Factoids   It’s the 3rd most viewed site on Earth;   1 billion+ unique visitors each month   2.7 million+ hours of play per minute daily;   72 hours of uploaded video every minute;   30% of YouTube traffic comes the US;   For 2011, YouTube served over 1 trillion views;   98 of the top 100 advertisers use …