Website: Chasing Away Customers?

Website Convenience

Attracting a potential customer to your website is hard enough but grabbing their interest and persuading them to buy or use your services is even more difficult.

That is why it is so important to design your website so that you don’t frustrate or irritate your visitors, making them jump through hoops to find the information that they need.


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In our FREE REPORT are some examples of common website mistakes that make visitors leave a website within the first few minutes.

For example:

Putting up Barriers

Avoid putting up barriers between you and potential customers by forcing visitors to register before them can view content of your site.

In most cases, the visitor will leave and try to find the information that they are looking for elsewhere.

Stale Content

It is no good having a glossy, professional looking site if your content is old and stale. You need to keep your site constantly updated with fresh new content.

Also in the Report

  • Too Many Ads
  • Bad Navigation
  • Hiding Your Content
  • Audio and Video

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