Conversion: 7 Tips

Need extra sales?

There are no-cost conversion tips that are quick and easy to implement but will significantly increase your profits.

Limit The Time And OfferPicture 4

  •  Limited Time Offer
  •  This offer is only valid until 3 pm
  •  Only selling 50 at this special price

Show Off Your Testimonials

Place your testimonials where they will be seen.

Focus On One Benefit

Offer too much then people are confused and don’t actually buy. So concentrate on just one reason why they should buy your product or use your service.

Behind the curtain

  •  What will happen after they purchase an item
  •  What happens after entering credit card details
  •  Make “How To” videos for credit card details, downloads, etc.

    Picture 5


What is Your Return Policy
Do You Have A Moneyback Guarantee?

Positive Passion

Your passion and enthusiasm will shine through and help convert sales.

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