Website Hosting

A Great Website can…

…engage, captivate, reach your target audience and drive business to your door 24/7.

But without a Great Host, the very best website planning and development is just a waste of good money. 

Worse, website failures can easily drive away prospects and customers, destroy your reputation and make your investors uneasy.

A truly awesome Web Host..

  • . Delivers fast page load speeds;
  • . Cares that your website is online;
  • . Makes backups of your website;
  • . Fixes most problems before you know about them;
  • . Protects you from hackers, with firewalls;
  • . Protects your website from viruses;
  • . Offers 24/7 Support Staff to help you;
  • . Credits any down time, even just one minute.

Your Business is Our Business… We don’t just stack our customers in a dark corner of virtual space, we don’t treat your business website like a teen blog and we don’t have hosting packages starting at just $3.00, because we both know that’s cheap worthless hosting, NOT reliable hosting ( building your business on sand).

At JingleSPOT we take your Business Website seriously.

We know that your business needs to be online 24/7, isn’t that what a website is for?

When your not online, your out of business, as far as your prospects, customers, vendors, investors, and contractors are concerned.

You don’t have a choice today, your either online and ready for business 24/7, or ready, willing and able competitors will win by default!

A lot of very hard work goes into your website.

We make sure your online…!


Better Hosting – Guaranteed!

Your looking for a company you can trust. You can trust JingleSPOT to provide you with fast, reliable hosting, 24 hour support, fast fixes when there’s trouble and free weekly backups.

But that’s not all, check our AWESOME package features.

We offer packages specifically designed for your needs as a business:


Business Class Hosting

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eCommerce Hosting

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SaaS Hosting

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Game Hosting

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Brand Hosting

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