• Brain Upgrade

    After watching this, your brain will never be the same

    Your Brain Will Never be the Same…!! Brain Research is Advancing Our knowledge of the brain is evolving at a breathtaking pace, and Dr. Lara Boyd is positioned at the cutting edge of these discoveries. In 2006, she was recruited by the University of British …

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  • Friends

    7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone

    7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone After watching this, go out and meet and make friends every day…. .  

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  • 1000 Youtube Video Views

    1000 YouTube Video Views Guaranteed

    Get massive exposure for your YouTube video from various social channels which will leads to our promised 1000 organic YouTube video views. This is excellent for the SEO of your video. Remember, you should also have a good SEO text posted with your video to …

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  • Eye Witness Parrot

    Eye Witness Parrot

    . Eye Witness Parrot Breaking News: June 10, 2016 Michigan prosecutors are trying to determine whether a parrot can be a witness in a murder case where a Michigan man was shot and killed in his home last year. Weeks later, his African grey parrot …

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  • RGB 101s

    SassyLEDs | RV Dress Up

    . AWESOME — Waterproof 12v RGB LED Light Kits from SassyRV. Bright and classy, featuring programs or color selections, speed controls and more. . 10 YEAR WARRANTY assures you will enjoy our lights for a decade or more. SassyRV.com

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  • Screen Shot 2016 03 16 At 8.45.44 AM

    Simply Amazing Grace

    Perhaps one of the most beautiful version of this lovely song. These girls did an excellent job. I dedicate this to my lovely sister Yvonne Gay Stevens, whom I lost just a few days ago, and will miss so very much. She was also President …

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  • Wire Birds

    Birds on a Wire

    This is a cartoon story of what happens when you put too many birds on the same wire. It’s hoot and you will not be disappointed.

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  • Feature Bird

    Three Birds

    This is a cartoon and is suppose to be funny and cute. That brings us to the cupcake. They want that cupcake. That’s why they have 3 Birds.

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  • Circus Wrap Feature

    Grey Circus Wrap

    DuckBird and Sir Grey entertain with their usual spins, paper bag antics, and a bath is always play time. Presented by SassyRV.com a JingleSPOT company.

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  • Hqdefault

    Parallel Parking Record

    Guinness World Records Tightest Parallel Park Record While Some People Struggle with tight parking, these videos show us it’s really not that hard. Just a bit of practice, and you have it. . New Mini launch – 2012 . Alastair Moffatt – Nov 12, 2015 . …

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  • CharlieChaplin

    Greatest Speech Ever

    Charlie Chaplin Greatest Speech Ever 1940 Movie – “The Great Dictator“ While Charlie was making a movie, he was speaking from his heart. The link below will let you see more quotes telling his heart. Also, we could easily translate his use of the word …

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  • Parrot Feature

    Sexy Sprouts

    All Our Birds Sunny Birdies Our Parrots taught us how easy Sunflowers grow, how fast and we soon discovered that SUnflower Micro-Greens are an extremely versitle food, replacing lettuce, and excellent in stir fry. Nutty and flavorful, Sunflower greens are good for you two.

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