• Eye Witness Parrot

    Eye Witness Parrot

    . Eye Witness Parrot Breaking News: June 10, 2016 Michigan prosecutors are trying to determine whether a parrot can be a witness in a murder case where a Michigan man was shot and killed in his home last year. Weeks later, his African grey parrot …

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  • RGB 101s

    SassyLEDs | RV Dress Up

    . AWESOME — Waterproof 12v RGB LED Light Kits from SassyRV. Bright and classy, featuring programs or color selections, speed controls and more. . 10 YEAR WARRANTY assures you will enjoy our lights for a decade or more. SassyRV.com

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  • Screen Shot 2016 03 16 At 8.45.44 AM

    Simply Amazing Grace

    Perhaps one of the most beautiful version of this lovely song. These girls did an excellent job. I dedicate this to my lovely sister Yvonne Gay Stevens, whom I lost just a few days ago, and will miss so very much. She was also President …

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  • Wire Birds

    Birds on a Wire

    This is a cartoon story of what happens when you put too many birds on the same wire. It’s hoot and you will not be disappointed.

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  • Feature Bird

    Three Birds

    This is a cartoon and is suppose to be funny and cute. That brings us to the cupcake. They want that cupcake. That’s why they have 3 Birds.

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  • Circus Wrap Feature

    Grey Circus Wrap

    DuckBird and Sir Grey entertain with their usual spins, paper bag antics, and a bath is always play time. Presented by SassyRV.com a JingleSPOT company.

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  • Car 893224 640sm

    Parallel Parking Record

    Guinness World Records Tightest Parallel Park Record While Some People Struggle with tight parking, these videos show us it’s really not that hard. Just a bit of practice, and you have it. . China’s Han Yue – 11/2014 . New Mini launch - 2012 . Alastair …

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  • CharlieChaplin

    Greatest Speech Ever

    Charlie Chaplin Greatest Speech Ever 1940 Movie – “The Great Dictator“ While Charlie was making a movie, he was speaking from his heart. The link below will let you see more quotes telling his heart. Also, we could easily translate his use of the word …

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  • Parrot Feature

    Sexy Sprouts

    All Our Birds Sunny Birdies Our Parrots taught us how easy Sunflowers grow, how fast and we soon discovered that SUnflower Micro-Greens are an extremely versitle food, replacing lettuce, and excellent in stir fry. Nutty and flavorful, Sunflower greens are good for you two.

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